Drum Lessons in Rochester, NY

As a teacher for over 30 years in the Rochester, NY area, Steve incorporates his real-life performance experiences into his lessons. His approach to teaching has been effective for students of all ages and levels, beginners to advanced professionals.

Steve's lessons involve reading, snare drum technique, rudiments and all styles of drum set playing with an emphasis on developing coordination and independence. Steve believes in developing a strong foundation to allow his students to be comfortable in just about any musical setting.

Lessons focus on snare drum technique, developing time, big band chart reading, jazz solo transcriptions, jazz comping and coordination exercises, classic rock grooves, R&B, and Latin styles, to name a few. Applying rudiments to the drum set as well as bass drum and hi-hat pedal technique is covered.

Steve currently teaches at Atlas Music Store in Webster, NY, conveniently located on Empire Boulevard, Hobart & William Smith in Geneva, NY, as well as the Eastman School of Music.