BudGet HOME Recording STUDIO

 As a recording artist since the late 1970's I have played on numerous CDs of different Jazz albums as well as other genres.I have extensive experience playing on national and local TV and radio commercials. I have recorded for major HBO themes and documentaries such as Wimbledon Tennis and boxing documentary "In this Corner" as well as full length movie soundtracks as house drummer at The Studio at Linden Oaks during the 80's and 90's. Continuing on into recent years I have I have expanded my home studio as many musicians have and had excellent results.

 I'm well set up to record your tracks or replace existing tracks that may be computer based drum tracks. My home studio has high quality Focusrite interfaces and can record 16 tracks of drums if needed. The software being used is Presonus Studio One professional 4.5 and just an incredible DAW!! Depending on what sound I'm looking for I have  many drum sets  and cymbals available.   Between the Yamaha Absolute Custom, 80's DW kit and Gretsch USA Bop kit I can cover a great amount of genres and drum sounds. I mix and match to come up with unique sounding drum tracks as well. Files can be sent through dropbox so you can mix them as you like. I also have a Roland Octopad/ v-drum set up for midi tracks as well if needed.  Since it is my own home studio I am able to keep the rates at a very reasonable price. Great for singer /song writers on a budget!
If you are interested in having me play on your tracks feel free to contact me at or call 585-314-7737.